Health Issues associated with Wind Farms.


Wind Turbine Infrasound: What Drives Wind Farm Neighbours to Despair

Dr Bruce Rapley Slams Australian Medical Association as Totally Unqualified Wind Industry Propagandists

Wind turbine noise control shambles

Wind Turbines and Low Frequency Noise - for beginners.

Jockey Paul Carberry: Windfarms will put our lives in danger

Wind turbine sound could ruin my ill boy's life, warns mother

FACT: Wind Turbines Make You Sick.

New German study on human perception at infrasound frequencies

New Evidence: #WindFarms Contaminating Water Supply Across Large Areas of Scotland

Irish Horse Trainers Association Chairman and racing trainer Noel Meade warns wind turbines will kill a horse or a jockey

Study confirms high infrasound levels near wind farm where people abandoned their homes

'Intolerable' wind turbines drove couple from house

Wind farm noise does harm sleep and health, say scientists

Canadian health professionals speak out about wind turbines
STT published a list of health professionals who are concerned about the impact of wind turbines on people's health

Family with young children forced to leave home due to the impact of infrasound and low frequency noise of windfarm

Govt advisor warns of wind farm dangers
One of the South Australian Government's own advisors has blown the whistle on the dangers of building wind farms on prime agricultural land

CREWE Response to Sunday Business Post Articles - 17th Feb. 2013
Gaelectric and the IWEA call for evidence that wind turbines damage peoples health and recycle the assertion that they don't.

Study confirms high infrasound levels near wind farm where people abandon their homes
Now a Public Service Commission study has proven 'dangerous levels' of infrasound generated by those turbines. Four acoustical experts conducted C-weighted sound tests in December and found high readings oflow-frequency noise, or infrasound. One researcher became ill himself with symptoms similar to those experience by residents. Symptoms of the afflicted families include heart palpitations, ear infections, muscle and join pain, and general malaise.

Local GP Warns of Health Risks
Donegal GP warns of Health Risks.

Is wind energy worth the sacrifice?
Mainstream Renewable Power is dedicated to the environment, according to their website, which indicates they want 'to have a positive impact on the environment and on the sustainability of human activity.' And that they 'are committed to ensuring that environmental protection and awareness are at the forefront of all our activities.'

Are wind farms saving or killing us?
A provocative investigation claims thousands of people are falling sick because they live near them.

Evidence of the Adverse Health Impacts of Industrial Wind Turbines
There is a growing body of evidence that adverse health impacts are real and that they are occurring at greater distances from turbines than previously recorded. Following is an outline of some of the science and references:

Call to shut down Fullabrook Wind Farm after tests show 'above limits' noise levels
Britain's biggest onshore wind farm, in North Devon, could be operating well above permitted noise levels in every location where readings were taken, a new report claims.

Industrial wind turbines could cause sleep loss, study claims
American and British researchers, including a radiologist from Fort Kent, have published what they claim is the first peer-reviewed study to conclude that people living near industrial wind sites could suffer significant sleep loss and other health problems.

A collection of links regarding lawsuits against Wind Development Companies and Land Owners.


An open letter from a Wisconsin farmer who regrets signing a wind contract

Families bid to sue wind farm operator
A group of families in a north Cork village are suing a wind farm operator in a landmark case, claiming the huge turbines are adversely affecting their health

More claims expected to be filed against wind companies

Ontario court allows lawsuits against wind company and landowners

Renewable Energy Plans May Be Illegal, Protesters Claim

A fourth lawsuit seeking to halt the Ocotillo Express wind facility has been filed in federal court
Community Advocates for Renewable Energy files lawsuit against Pattern Energy and federal government, alleges illegal actions over Ocotillo wind project.

Lawsuit over windmills in County
A group of Prince Edward County residents who live nearby a proposed wind farm development have filed a lawsuit against the wind company and over 20 landowners it has agreements with.

Lawsuit against wind energy project near Steens
Two environmental groups are challenging what they call an 'industrial-scale' wind project on the north end of ruggedly beautiful Steens Mountain in southeastern Oregon.

Dozens of Neighbors Sue Wind Farm due to Noise
Dozens of neighbors of a $200 million wind farm sued the companies behind it, claiming noise and lights give them migraines, make them nervous and keep them up at night.

Wind farms stir up controversy with green power, income and jobs
Controversy picked up with the wind in DeKalb County where two now settled lawsuits sought to dismantle a wind farm.

$9 Million Dollar lawsuit filed
A handful of Dover residents have filed a $9 million lawsuit against two wind turbine companies and their neighbours for leasing their land for construction of turbines.

Property Values
Do Wind Farms affect property prices?


How Wind Farm Subsidies are Used to Steal People's Homes

'We bought most of a village to make a windpark. We solve the problem of unsellable properties in peripheral regions'

Value of land cut by wind farms

Wind industry big lies no. 2: your property values will not be affected
' The majority of homebuyers don't want to live anywhere near a wind farm, it's as simple as that,'.

Developer drops claim wind turbines do not hit house prices
A wind farm developer has withdrawn a leaflet claiming wind turbines do not affect house prices following a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Landmark council decision
UK Valuations Tribunal Decision.

Job Claims
How accurate are the jobs claims by Wind Farm Development Companies?


Jobs claim by wind farm lobby dismissed
CLAIMS BY wind energy promoters that their projects would create thousands of jobs in Ireland have been hotly disputed by anti-wind farm campaigners, who say they have seen 'no evidence' of local employment.

The claim - Wind farms provide thousands of jobs
There may be a small number of construction jobs on offer while the access roads to the site are being built, but the on-site work to erect the actual turbines is a specialist job that will only be carried out by the contractor. Once the turbines are up, wind farms are operated remotely, sometimes even from abroad, so no ongoing local jobs are likely.

Tourism Effects
Will tourism be affected?


Gone with the wind: Impact of wind turbines on tourist numbers

Tourists reject Wind Turbine landscape and vow not to return.

Wind farms 'drive visitors away' warn Scottish tourist - but Big Wind told us it would increase tourism

Prince Harry's concern over 'visual impact' of wind farms - tourism issue for us also Failte Ireland

Windfarm to blow tourism investments? - investment put on hold pending decision on the Shragh windfarm

Scottish tourism chiefs admit wind farms will 'drive holidaymakers away'
In an intervention likely to embarrass the Scottish Government, VisitScotland has said an application to put turbines on a site north of Dumfries could have a 'detrimental effect' on tourism.

Safety Effects
Safety Concerns of Wind Turbines


Investigation underway as massive windmill comes down in gales

Company Shuts Down Wind Turbines Worldwide After SoCal Accident

Yet another windfarm turbine 'accident' that could have had devestating consequences

Another 'rare' accident - windturbine blades 17 metres long ripped off in high winds - Local - Halifax Courier

Vestas Ops Man. recommends not to stay within radius of 400m from 2007 3MW Turbine pg8/pt2

General Articles relating to Wind Farms.


A database survey by NREL shows 50% wind turbines suffer gearbox failure and 35% generator failure in 1st 10 yrs.

Irish Energy Blog: Europe Electricity Price Vs Installed Wind / Solar.

Wind Turbines and the Machinery Directive by John Dooley

Annual wind turbine blade failures estimated at around 3,800 | Windpower Monthly

False Claims about 'homes served' by electricity from wind turbines explained

General Electric joins €8bn project for Midlands Windfarm - export deal still on

New Wind Aware Ireland Blog by Peter Crossan

Wind energy has reduced our CO2 emissions by 2.6% and fuel imports by 2.3% according to SEAI - not worth the destruction

Industrial wind, despite promises to the public, produces only 1% of EU energy

Dr Anthony White on conversion of Moneypoint to biomass vs building 200 windfarms

Concern over An Bord Pleanala delays in wind farm cases

Irish Energy Blog: How many homes can a wind farm power?

More wind turbines would be 'madness', says energy expert

Economist Tony Mackay backs 'overly high' windfarm subsidy axe

Study: WindFarms Even More Expensive And Pointless Than You Thought

Who was right - IWEA or Irish Academy of Engineers?

Wind power - too much of a good thing - Colm McCarthy
Farmers Journal Article on Wind Farms.

Why the £250bn wind power industry could be the greatest scam of our age - and here are the three 'lies' that prove it
Scarcely a day goes by without more evidence to show why the Government's obsession with wind turbines, now at the centre of our national energy policy, is one of the greatest political blunders of our time.

Friendships lost in wind farm battle
Divisions in a small South Australian community over what could be the nation's largest wind farm have families on both sides shopping elsewhere in order to avoid talking to each other.

Wind industry big lies no 3: wind turbines are eco-friendly by James Delingpole
Of all the many lies put out by the......

Energy policy based on renewables will win hearts but won't protect their owners from frostbite and death due to exposure
Russia's main gas-company, Gazprom, was unable to meet demand last weekend as blizzards swept across Europe, and over three hundred people died. Did anyone even think of deploying our wind turbines to make good the energy shortfall from Russia?

The conversion of a pro-wind lawyer
'There wasn't much evidence around, but I was struck by the countryside. The more we drove around on inspection the more convinced I was that the wind turbines could have a real impact on the landscape.'

Independent Scotland's wind power would be 'foreign aid' for England
Alex Salmond's drive for wind power would severely damage an independent Scotland's finances by creating a 'very expensive foreign aid programme for England', an energy expert has warned.

Wear and Tear Hits Wind Farm Output and Economic Lifetime
The Renewable Energy Foundation [1] today published a new study, The Performance of Wind Farms in the United Kingdom and Denmark,[2] showing that the economic life of onshore wind turbines is between 10 and 15 years, not the 20 to 25 years projected by the wind industry itself, and used for government projections.